On one of the coldest days in a few years in the Dallas area, today we will discuss the most common issues with gas heaters in the winter time.


When you're going to need an air conditioning and heating repair company in Dallas to help with your HVAC system.

With the most effective all around heater being the induced gas furnace, we will discuss the common problems with them and how to tell what will require some help from an air conditioning and heating company in the Dallas area.


  • Flame sensor failure

  • Igniter failure

  • Blower motor failure

  • Inducer/Pressure switch failure

  • Integrated furnace control (circuit board) failure


First and most common failure is the flame sensor. When the gas is ignited and the flame hits the flame sensor, it sends a Micro DC voltage to the circuit board to tell the board their is no chance of non burnt fuel in the system. With normal build up of carbon and corrosion after five or ten years the flame sensor may fail and need to be replaced. The sensor may be cleaned off but for a more long term fix we recommend replacing the part. With all of the flame sensors that we have encountered at SHR AC we always change the flame sensor over cleaning it, they are common truck stock on all of our repair trucks.


One of the other repairs we will see on furnaces in the Dallas area is the igniter failing. When it is a hot surface igniter they are like a tiny heating element that glows red hot to ignite the flame instead of a pilot. After a while they may break and no longer work, when this happens SHR always recommends changing the igniter out for the OEM recommended part. This part is also common truck stock in the winter on all of our air conditioning and heating repair trucks.


Blower motor failure is very common all year long, summer time and winter time call for using the fan motor. With all of the heat being generated by the heater while burning the gas, if the blower motor does not come on it is going to be very hot and all of the safety features on the unit will tell the circuit board to shut off the heat. With blower motor failure you want to get someone out their to get the motor changed out ASAP because you will not have air conditioning or heating from the system with out a fan motor.


The inducer motor is the motor that sucks all of the spent fuel(exhaust) out of the system and sends it up the vent pipe. When this is working properly then pressure switch will tell the circuit board that the exhaust fan is working properly. if either one of these are not working properly then you will have the same problem.


Now with that said your integrated furnace control(circuit board) is the "brains" of the furnace. So if anyone of the features goes out on the board then the whole board is trash. Even though it may work some functions in order to have it fully operational you are going to need a new circuit board. We always use OEM recommended boards at SHR AC.